Influencer FAQ

It Girl Edits partners with hand selected influencers who desire an extra stream of passive income.

The unique part of our service is we handle everything FOR you - from creation of the presets, to payment processing and fees, to customer service and troubleshooting. 

This makes our partnership TRULY passive on your side. Simply promote your beautiful collection and earn based on what your followers buy!


What will I charge for the presets?

We typically charge $49 for a set of 5 presets. We then recommend you offer a code for $20 off (we will supply you with a coupon code). This makes the cost of your collection $29. We then split the revenue which means you earn $14.50 per sale.

It Girl Edits absorbs all of the operating costs like website and payment processing fees along with the time needed for customer service and troubleshooting.


When do I receive payment?

Once monthly. We pay between the 1st and 7th for the previous month to your PayPal.

**We also offer your customers "pay it in 4" - this means they can purchase and pay later! We don't hold up YOUR payment, though. We pay you immediately for all purchases.

What if I don't know how to use Lightroom or install presets on my phone?

That's ok! It's pretty simple. You can use the same instructions that your followers will use.

Do I get to approve the collection or have a say in it?

Of course! We send you over the collection to test. We can then make changes based on your input.

Can I ask you to change the price?

We are open to different pricing if you have something specific in mind!

How do I get paid?

We pay once monthly each month, between the last day of the month and the 7th.

Can I have more than one collection?

Yes! We can design different collections for you.

Do I use an affiliate link?

ALL sales of your product will be paid to you - so no affiliate link is necessary. It will be If a follower tells their friend and the friend purchases your collection, you will get commission!

How will I track my sales?

After you have approved your collection and you are ready to promote, we will send over an affiliate dashboard link where you will be able to monitor your sales.

Can I see an example?

You can also see some before and afters on our homepage.

How do I get started?

Simply fill out this form! Please do not share this form, our collaboration opportunities are by invitation only.