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Here are some tips for sharing about your new collection effectively! Remember, some of your followers may not totally understand Lightroom or “presets”. So it’s important to explain it in simple terms!


Consider explaining you’re launching a preset collection that’s inspired by YOUR favorite editing styles. You can mention the collab with It Girl Edits or you can leave us out. Totally up to you!


What is a preset? Consider explaining that Lightroom is a FREE phone app and that “presets” are photo filters. This is what most influencers use to make their feeds and photos pretty and cohesive. Explain how you personally use it.

Sharing before and afters will be your best bet in clearly communicating how your presets work. You can do this in your feed and in your stories.


Let your followers know that your presets are available NOW and offer your special code.


Share your link!


It's also super helpful to show a screen recording of HOW you edit your photos! You can easily do this with the free app "Go Record".

Here's a great example of an influencer who did REALLY well with her launch!





Something like 50% of Instagram users actually watch stories with sound OFF! So, some notes to grab attention on your stories may help. On the first story about your new collection you might consider writing something like “Want to know how I edit my photos?” – or something that will encourage your readers to turn their sound on.